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Turbo servis Radosavljević | Remont turbina
Turbo servis Radosavljević | Remont turbina
Turbo servis Radosavljević | Remont turbina
Turbine Overhaul
Turbo servis Radosavljević | Remont turbina
Turbine Parts
Turbo servis Radosavljević | Remont turbina

Towing Service

Our Special Vehicles Towing service allow transport from one to four vehicles at the same time, depending on the vehicle class.

Towing Service

Machining | Auto servis Radosavljevic

Turbo servis Radosavljević | Mašinska obrada

Good preparation is just as important as the machining process itself so our team at Auto Service Radosavljevic strictly complies with manufacturers’ provisions in this aspect, too. Only by complying with all the measures prescribed can the highest level of quality be achieved which is our business imperative. In this way, we at Radosavljevic Machining are able to guarantee that the dimensions, tolerances and quality of machined surfaces are in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical provisions for the given degree of repair.

Engine machining at Radosavljevic centre workshop includes:

  • Complete cylinder head machining
  • Complete cylinder block machining
  • Complete crankshaft machining
  • Cylinder boring and honing
  • Installation of cylinder liner and resurfacing
  • Line boring of camshaft housing
  • Line boring of cylinder block
  • Machining small and big end of the rod
  • Lathe machining

Delovi za turbine | Turbo servis Radosavljević
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Photo Gallery | Machining | Auto servis Radosavljevic

Turbine Overhaul
Remont turbina | Turbo Servis Radosavljević

Turbine Service Radosavljevic offers overhaul services for all types of turbines for internal combustion engines...

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Exhibition stand at Belgrade Car Show

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